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  • Donny Thompson, M.S., NPA

Legendary Jazz Educator and Saxophonist Ronald Carter Clinics the Las Vegas Youth Jazz Orchestra!

Legendary jazz educator and saxophonist came to the Las Vegas Youth Jazz Orchestra rehearsal tonight to work with the students. The band is learning the original Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra chart, "Armageddon" by Wayne Shorter, a challenging piece for even some professional big bands.

JOI Co-Founder and Artistic Director, Kenny Rampton learned Professor Carter was going to be in Las Vegas and asked if he would swing by. Co-Founder & V.P. Education & Programming Gary Cordell then set it up.

The students were highly engaged in learning from Prof. Carter and made quick improvements following his expert guidance. These kinds of regular visits from renowned educators and artists like Ronald Carter, Branford Marsalis, Boris Kozlov, and dozens of others are what sets the Las Vegas Youth Jazz Orchestra experience apart. We're proud to offer students these opportunities to learn from true masters and help them grow as musicians and as citizens!

More about Professor Ronald Carter at .

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