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Let's make a difference!

JOI sponsors workshops and master classes to middle school, high school, and college jazz band programs throughout the Las Vegas area.  

Educational Programs

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Includes: All music, instruction, professional mentors, JOI Jazz Language classes, comps to JOI events and concerts, and Masterclasses from world-renowned jazz luminaries!

Tuition is only $125 per semester!

Jammin with JOI
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Jammin' with JOI provides students with fun, relaxed, and supportive free summer program. Students from middle through high school join seasoned professionals to study jazz language and play with them and other students from across Southern Nevada in a fun, relaxed, and supportive atmosphere. Students do not have to register, can come any time, and are welcome to bring friends. They do not have to be members of Jazz Outreach Initiative's other programs and all abilities are welcome.

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Jazz Language with JOI will be teaching students to develop skills in improvisation using an exploratory and inquisitive approach. In this class, we will focus on developing confidence and a clear, methodical and fun approach to practicing improvisation. We will expansively explore the jazz lineage through active listening, inquiring about the artistic motives of each artist and relate such experiences to the self. Students will be able to compose, using simple yet effective musical devices on their instruments. We will be addressing communication, self-expression, critical listening, melody, rhythm, harmony, various song forms and the standard jazz repertoire. This unique course will be taught weekly for free. This class will be offered every Wednesday during the program semester from 4:30 - 6:00 PM

Jazz Language
JOI of Arrangng

JOI of Arranging with Rachel Eckroth

Dive into the creativity of arranging for jazz ensembles, combos, and other music ensembles with weekly instruction led by Grammy nominee Rachel Eckroth.

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