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  • Donny Thompson, M.S., NPA

JOI Launches the JOI Jazz Alliance volunteer member organization with Inaugural Luncheon!

Jazz Outreach Initiative is excited for this next level of service to our community through an all-volunteer wing we're calling the JOI Jazz Alliance!

JJA will be comprised of passionate jazz enthusiasts and supporters of JOI who want to participate in furthering our vision to create a world-class jazz culture and community here in Southern Nevada.

JJA will help with fundraising, volunteer work for our various programs, assist with events, and most of all, have fun!

Membership for individuals is just $50 per year and is open to all.

If you're interested in becoming a member, please visit the JJA registration page at Our first meeting will be a delicious luncheon sponsored by JOI at D'Agostino's Trattoria on Saturday October 2, at 12:30pm. RSVP is required. We will begin to form the Board of Directors, discuss bylaws and membership tiers, brainstorm on activities and ideas, and most of all, we'll have fun!

Email our Executive Dir., Donny Thompson with any questions...

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