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  • Donny Thompson, M.S., NPA

Jazz Outreach Initiative Launches "Jazz Routes" at "Sunday Funday Jazz" with Jonathan Karrant!

Oct 17, 2021, Jazz Outreach Initiative launched "Jazz Routes" with Jonathan Karrant at his "Sunday Funday Jazz" concert at Notoriety, Las Vegas NV. Jazz Routes provides community donated instruments to youth along with a year of private lessons paid for through donor sponsorships. The program connects the language of music to the language of life for youth throughout the community.

Jazz Outreach Initiative was thrilled to partner with Girls Athletic Leadership School (GALS) of Las Vegas. Krista Yarberry, Exec. Dir. was present when JOI Executive Director Donny Thompson presented Kobe Payne with her new trumpet and then surprised her by introducing her trumpet teacher to her whom she had watched perform as part of Jonathan Karrant's show.

Jorge Machain, JOI's first Jazz Routes teacher, is a nationally acclaimed award-winning composer, member of the jazz faculty at Downbeat Award-winning UNLV School of Music, Division of Jazz & Commercial Music, and is a master trumpeter. Jorge is also a mentor for JOI's "Las Vegas Youth Jazz Orchestra" and a member of JOI's "JOI Jazz Orchestra" professional big band.

Also present at the ceremony was Kobe's mom, Lauren Johnson, because JOI believes the gift of music to a student is a gift to the entire family. And when the child learns to play, that becomes their gift to the entire community.

JOI expresses gratitude to Mr. Gary Cordell (JOI Co-Founder and V.P. Programming) for donating his trumpet and Gee and Fred Katen for sponsoring Kobe's private lessons. Jazz Routes is a community-wide effort. Additional support comes from Music & Arts for their instrument repair/refurbishment services courtesy of Mr. Bill Parker. Jazz Outreach Initiative seeks additional donor sponsors for students in the southern Nevada market. Learn more about Jazz Routes including donation links and instrument donation info at

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