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  • Donny Thompson, Exec. Dir.

Linda Woodson and the JOI Jazz Orchestra!

Our Exciting Residency at Notoriety @ Neonopolis Continues February 7 at 7:30pm!

We're so excited to once again welcome our very own Linda Woodson to front the JOI Jazz Orchestra on our Wednesday February 7th performance at Notoriety! These concerts are becoming a great hang where people go again and again and get to know their fellow jazz enthusiasts. If you haven't been yet, please give it a try and we promise you'll be hooked! Great cocktails, super easy, cheap, and secure on-site parking, and of course the world-class all-star JOI Jazz Orchestra!

If you were thinking, "Gosh, I wish I could have seen Linda Woodson sing with the Cab Calloway Orchestra in Escondido, CA earlier this month," here's your chance to see her now as she performs some of that music and more from the JJO catalog!

Tickets on sale now!

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