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  • Donny Thompson, M.S., NPA


Jazz Outreach Initiative's co-founder and V.P. Programming and Education, Gary Cordell, has created an outstanding opportunity for local middle and high school students to continue learning and performing jazz over the summer.

JOI Mentor Eddie Rich will run the program from our band room located at our CLC Resource Center band room every Wednesday 6:30-8pm from June 1 through August 10th. This will be a very casual and fun, but also an instructional effort where students are free to come and go for a few minutes or a couple hours as often as they like. And they're encouraged to bring friends. To ensure we always have a rhythm section, we've hired professional musicians to sit in on rhythm, but will give up those chairs if students come who play those instruments.

All abilities are welcome. As part of the summer program, students will also receive instruction on Jazz Language in addition to playing through jazz repertoire covering many eras. At the conclusion of the "Jammin' With JOI" series, students will have a deeper understanding of how to perform as a section, solos, and will gain an appreciation and friendships with students from other schools, experiences, and backgrounds. The building of a robust and vibrant jazz community where musicians network with and are collaborative with each other begins with our young people and we're pleased to be a part of growing that culture!

Please share this email with anyone you know who has kids that would like to have a fun and foundational jazz experience this summer! Questions can be directed to or his cell at 702-806-4550.

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