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Curt Miller

Curt Miller received his education at the University of Nevada Las Vegas in music and was subsequently hired by the prestigious Lew Elias Relief Orchestra in Las Vegas to play the lead trombone chair.  Over the next 17 years he played the lead trombone chair at the Desert Inn Hotel, The Frontier with Sigfried and Roy, the Caesar’s Palace orchestra, and ultimately became orchestra contractor and assistant musical director for Steve Wynn’s Mirage, Golden Nugget and Treasure Island hotels.


Curt left the full-time music business in 1995 and became CEO of a national leadership training company.  In 2002 he started his own technology firm, Anexeon, which is now one of the largest in the state.  Curt remained involved in professional music however, and In 2018 Curt was hired to play the lead trombone chair for the Lady Gaga Jazz and Piano shows at the Park Theatre.


“During these past 5 or so years I had been looking for a non-profit organization that I could give my time and experience to when I became aware of the Jazz Outreach Initiative organization. It was exactly what I had been looking for," Curt says. “Also, I have known both Kenny and Gary for many years and I know their hearts are in exactly  the right place.  When they asked me to join as VP it was a very easy decision!  I believe this organization can become a major influence in the music community both locally and nationally”.

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