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  • Donny Thompson, M.S., NPA

U.S. Bank Foundation Renews Annual $7,500 "Play" Grant for Jazz Outreach Initiative!

Jazz Outreach Initiative expresses its deep gratitude for a fourth time to U.S. Bank and the U.S. Bank Foundation for it's 2022-23 Community Possible "PLAY" grant, again at it's full $7,500 value! This Platinum Level corporate gift helps ensure JOI is able to continue connecting the language of music to the language of life through education, outreach, and performances.

According to U.S. Bank's "Community Possible" grant program, "Play brings joy, and it’s just as necessary for adults as it is for kids. But in low-income areas there are often limited spaces for play and fewer people attending arts and cultural events. That’s why we invest in community programming that supports ways for children and adults to play and create."

"Many young people across the country do not have the resources or access to enjoy the benefits of active play. Supporting active play-based programs and projects for K-12 students located in or serving low- and moderate-income communities fosters innovation, creativity, and collaboration and impacts the overall vitality of the communities we serve. Funding support includes:

  • Support for organizations that build or expand access to active play spaces and places that help K-12 students learn through play and improves the health, safety and unification of neighborhoods in low- and moderate-income communities

  • Programs that focus on using active play to help young people develop cognitive, social and emotional learning skills to become vibrant and productive citizens in low- and moderate-income communities."

U.S. Bank also supports JOI through its employees, donating up to $200/year for U.S. Bank employees to volunteer for charities like Jazz Outreach Initiative. They also match employee direct financial contributions annually, dollar for dollar as well as encouraging board service.

JOI is proud to have the support of many businesses in our community who understand the value of the arts and invest in building a strong community.

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